We have two zodiacs at the station. They are used for people and equipment transportation. Taking the advantage of Summer, when the Bay isn’t covered with ice – we try to use it quite often.

One pontoon (a black one) that was in stock, an orange (a new one) got here together with us by Polar Pioneer. Knowing that at Summer time this is one of the basic means of transport, despite the confusion taking place at the station, we found some time to check technical condition of sailing equipment and for the first tests.

The permission to drive it (apart from me) and among the other wintering here Adam and Sylwek have. At the beginning, some more experienced workers from summer technical team helped us because of they know the station very well. But now, I think we get on quite well and we don’t have to ask for their help so often.

We’ve passed some courses – so far we’ve reached the Patelnia Peninsula (it’s about 11 km from the station). We often sail to Demay Peninsula, where there is a small wooden house, in which you can stay for a night (the people who carry out the birds monitoring, the penguins and pinnipeds mainly used it a couple of times), to reach the Ecology glacier, as you remember, the best way is to take canoe or Copacabana, where 4 scientists stay currently.

We were also in the other part of Admiralty Bay – Escura Bay. We sailed close to Dufayel Island, which is in the middle and looks like a dragon’s back immersed in water.

Of course, there are many places that you can reach by zodiac- Asia and Adam will start their works on the sea and glacier monitoring in a short period of time, so sailing equipment will be, for sure, essential. In January new Scientists are about to come and the transport may be useful and I think we’ll visit our neighbours in the future. There are many possibilities, it’s nothing but waiting for a nice weather and some spare time.

Ah, and look at the video from our latest zodiac’s struggles:

Link to movie >>>

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