Why you are not allowed to stroke the penguins?

Preparations are continued! On 17th August we were at the training in the Department of Antarctic Biology in Warsaw. We’ve learnt there the Basic Principles on the Antarctic Environment.

The training was divided into several sections. They were about arctic fauna and flora, The Antarctic Treaty where Poland is a member country, the principles of moving around the Station together with the basic safety rules and the protection of environment (e.g do not approach the animal from a distance less than 10 m, do not teach the penguins to fly, do not walk on tundra because it doesn’t regenerate itself that fast and the traces remain for many years etc.)

But the most emotional part was preparing for the expedition – which tanning lotion you should take (no, it’s not a joke because the Sun in the 62nd latitude position may be ruthless), and even what you can do during those 40 days cruise on the Polar Pioneer ship, when fruits and vegetables are done and how to send Christmas postcard to your parents.

We’ve known already that we have only 4 days left for unloading no matter what the weather is going to be. We have to send all our luggage to the warehouse until 14th September (it will come back in a one year time. These types of expeditions teach us that material things are less worth), the departure date from Gdynia is on 24th September so we have not much time left.

The preparation for packing is starting to come about. Now, we have so many things going on, we buy things that can be useful in far-flung corners.

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