Na zewnątrz wychodzi ten, kto musi

What happens if it blows?

The casual observer would say that not much, but such a peace and inspiration to do some “cool stuff” with a candle to look for in a civilized world.

It can blow here but you already know it from the “Samolot” (main building) post. And if there’s cloudiness and different types of rainfall (dry, wet, frozen, falling horizontally, rotating in the air etc) and quite moody Sun that you can easily see that the days when it’s hard to go out from the base aren’t just rarity.

The station seems to be empty there. Everybody sits in the room or go to the workshop. We just meet during meal time. The only one is duty person who is hanging around and makes the substitute of social life. There is wind blowing outside the window and it’s the melody that we are used to. So, when it stops it feels like a stange feeling for us. That’s why one of the most asked questions at the job interview is if the candidate can organize time itself. It could be hard to survive in here without any skills.

The work is manual, unfettered timeframe and that’s why it gives us a lot of satisfaction. You can also cope with your hobby or read a book, which would be hard to do in the civilized world. You can feel the magic of this place and just be (contrary to appearances, a very difficult skill, and hard to explain to the uninitiated, what’s going on).

Pusta mesa...

...puste korytarze

Sypie i wieje

Pingwin w zadumie patrzy przez okno

Na zewnątrz wychodzi ten, kto musi

There is minus 10 °C outside the window. The wind is blowing 8 m/s slightly and it’s snowing. The mate from the room next to mine has just written a message: “What time do we see each other to eat sandwich?” Well, dinner time is coming.

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