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What are we missing?

Polar Pioneer sailed out from Mar Del Plata in Argentina yesterday so everyday it seems to be closer to South Shetland Islands. The expedition is going to the end and our conversations are filled with the thoughts what we miss and what we lack.

Let’s begin from the most important matter, which, for sure, aren’t a huge surprise for anybody – we miss the family and friends. We have virtually taken part in our friends’ daughter birthday and we were watching her blowing the candles away, we really experience (from far away…) our friend’s illness and while the phone conversation we’re realizing that so many of everyday’s life matters just slip away. So, I am really happy about small talks with my mum about what’s going on at home because thanks to it we can be updated. Well, almost all the time.

We miss the meetings with our friends, going out for a beer or even the traditional sausage from the blue bus in front of Hala Targowa (very famous in Cracow). We love the guests, so we miss the visits at our home (some even laugh that as the party drags, at least we don’t have to go back at night) and usually, every weekend someone visits us. Visiting at our friends and family, when there is an opportunity to make a delicious cake or to buy a bottle of good wine, and someone is pleased then.

We’re missing Kraków. Even the smog from that very distant perspective seems to be more homely. Well, it’d be nice just to ride a bike or drive a car or to go by a tram (opposite Piotrek I really like going by MPK – it’s actually good for reading books, for what I don’t always have time in different circumstances). I also miss taking baths, my favourite jumper and buying the face cream in the chemist’s or books in the bookshop because only such a shopping makes me happy most. Piotrek would like to unpack numerous parcels, which include bought online “treasures”; he misses different electronical parts to his own projects.

We miss the food (and here’s the tip for our mothers and aunts who can read this post, no, no we aren’t hungry so please, do not feed us after the arrival) – sushi, crisps, beer (Kingdom for beer!) apples, bananas, onions, fresh eggs and milk. We’ve realized lately that we have smaller appetite because we’re always eating the same thing for breakfast and dinner. Piotrek misses China shopping. By the way, relating to offline shops, he always brings something delicious home while I am buying popular products according to the before written paper . And that everything will happen after the arrival.

There is only one BUT.

When we will meet our family, we will have enough of small talks with friends, we will drink a lot of favourite beer and we will feel sick of eating that much; probably, we will sit down looking at the photos, films and we will feel unbelieveable lack. It is never like that someone takes everything away from us- we’re always given something instead. I think, this what Antarctica has given us, or even the expedition to Spitsbergen can’t be compared to anything in the world. And these all emotions, memories, the difference in the way of thinking and an attitude towards life will stay with us forever. It’s, perhaps, the subject for a long post. Or even for a longer conversation – drinking favourite wine.

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