W drodze na szczyt

Urbanek Crag

Finally, our weather window has shown up and we were able to realize one of the area ideas, as it was created in our minds just right after our arrival here – Alpine skiing from “Urbanek”.

Urbanek Crag is located just at the entrance to the Ezcurra fjord, departing from the Admiralty Bay, vis a vis the Point Thomas, under which there are fuel tanks. Polar Committee Icefall and Emerald Icefall are the closest company for “Urbanek”. They flow down to fjord from Arctowski Icefield.

The crag is about 600 m above sea level and it’s clearly dominating over the area. All the hills that we already know seem to be just not very high elevations.

We had to move by sea and use zodiacs in order to get there. There hasn’t been any snow nearby the station for over one month so we looked very funny together with Damian and Adam carrying the skies in our Helly Hansens to pontoon.

We were greeted by very busy with one another pair of crabeater seals. After dealing with equipment, we finally moved up. The slope was icy, so the ski touring skins failed the test and we had to reach the top with the skies. The effort has been compensated to us by views of the surrounding Brazillian and Peruvian Stations and The Lange Glacier to the north of “Urbanek”.

W Helly Hansenie na narty

W drodze na szczyt

Damian i Lodowiec Langego

Para krabojadów

Lodowa kraina

Przygotowanie sprzętu

Urbanek Crag

Wspinamy się

Widok na Zatokę Admiralicji

Zatoka Admiralicji

Zodiak na wodzie

In the Station it is said like “when the fog and strong wind blows are coming and Urbanek is smoking it is therefore possible that the weather will change”. For worse, of course. Today, luckily, it hasn’t been smoking and the sun was shining almost for the bigger part of the day. As it would try to make us even more regret to leave this place.

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