Czapka na głowę, podziękowania na ścianę

Time to say goodbye

…is right now! You are so awesome with your ideas and positive wishes that you send us every day. We would like to say a huge thank you to every single of you !

It was like 3 years ago. On Friday me and Piotrek finished our work and we said goodbye to all our friends we were working with through the previous years. It wasn’t easy just trust me. All the wishes we were given will stuck in our heads for a really long time.

People write to us or just call us every single day. That’s all happening while we’re preparing for the expedition. People gave us instant soups, warm caps and scarfs, board game, Belarusian doll for a happy journey and many, many other things. Our living room glass was even covered with an amazing positive art.

Arcydzieło koleżanek, z którymi gram w siatkówkę

Czapka na głowę, podziękowania na ścianę

There are things waiting for packing in every corner of the house and the barrels are ready for tomorrow.

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