The wind (the video)

It actually can blow on Arctowski – we say then that “the evil is coming” or even more exactly “the fucking days are coming”.

The weather is a really wide topic which from the usual small talk changes into a longer conversation. In Addition, it’s connected with planning and thinking when the nearest weather window occures in order to make some terain research or just to go for a trip. Typically, for most of the year the weather is not so good, and the sunny days are the real deal. But when it’s really bad, it is said, “ale piździel” (on Spitsbergen it was “dupówa”) and we used to wear warm socks. Because of the blows.

And, as it blows, the world itself turns upside down. Wind gusts can reach up to 200 km/h and the stories of broken roofs or blown contact lenses have a strong basis in reality. The wind howls, moans, whistles, murmurs – when the air passes through every possible crack, creates an extraordinary cacophony sound. So then, in spite of heating in the rooms it’s getting colder and the building shakes under the pressure of the wind. Once even blew so, that our ears were plugged for a moment, and the calendar on the wall in Piotrek’s room began to act weird frolics.

The wind carries tiny stones from the bay, which pounds the walls of the “Samolot” mercilessly and also, for this reason the biological laboratory has been equipped with armored glass. On the way to the hall of power generators there are spaced some poles connected by a rope at a distance in order to have something to catch to. But sometimes it’s not worth of fighting – it’s better just to crouch down and wait until the longer gust ends. And if you are about to go outside, you’d better have patience in order not to be hit by the door as if happened to me in summer time.

Therefore, it is better not to leave anything outside – skis or blades stuck in snow before having a contact with the wind can become a deadly weapon. Once the wind just grabbed the barrels of fuel and it was a moment of horror if everyone was safe. On that day we counted 7 people from the beginning, because I went to have a little nap after dinner meanwhile and after a while I had to calm everyone down, I’m alive and no barrel reached me.

We haven’t found yet if the penguins start to fly in such weather conditions but, for sure, the people lose their ground under feet. So, if it blows we rather stay inside the base if we don’t have to go anywhere. And then, it’s so much fun inside but sometimes it happens that we’ve got a headache.

And here is a video which in some part reflects local weather attractions:

Link to the movie >>>

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