Ratownicze środki pirotechniczne

The trainings in Gdynia part I

It’s been 3 years since we completed 5 days training course in Gdynia. It was before the expedition to Spitsbergen. Now we‘re here again! We have come here to do that kind of course under the supervision of specialists. They are going to make us ready for our next expedition.

Gdynia and sea view is a really joyful experience! It’s always the same – the ultimate direction we mostly chose for longer or shorter journeys are mountains because the Cracovians are closer to the mountains.

Right after the arrival and after eating delicious donuts in different flavors we just rushed to the harbor where… we saw Horyzont II ship… (yes, my ladies and gentlemen…) and there was really tear in my eye when we reminded ourselves the cruise to the north by the famous “vomiting ship” and believe me that the name didn’t come from nowhere…

Spotkanie po trzech latach...

Nabrzeże Dalmoru i Horyzont II

After lazy Sunday, there came time for trainings. The meeting is organized by the same company so we know a few people. Everything looks almost the same but I think we are just enriched by new experiences. So, the range of trainings is kind of different because in the south you can find adorable penguins instead of polar bears.

Miejsce, w którym trzy lata temu mieliśmy szkolenia

Firma STOP to... taki bunkier

On Monday we started our health and safety training. As usual, our imagination began working so we swore to ourselves that we won’t do anything stupid at the station.

Next thing we had was first aid course and emergency medical aid course. And of course, simulations of cardiac massage got really my adrenaline going, especially when the light was switched off and you just had to finish the action despite this.

On the South we are going to rely on ourselves more, so a very cheerful mood melted away and there were some concentration and seriousness.

Strzykawki, stripy, bandaże...

Szkolenie z podstaw ratownictwa medycznego

Szkolenie z podstaw ratownictwa medycznego

Today has been more theoretical – we spent all day here:

Ośrodek Szkolenia Ratowniczego w Gdyni

Ośrodek Szkolenia Ratowniczego w Gdyni

We got to know the basics of pyrotechnic life-saving appliances and some individual survival techniques at sea.

Ratownicze środki pirotechniczne

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. With more trainings. Breakfast at 8 and some exercises at the pool.

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