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The power generators building

Electricity in the Arctowski Station is the beginning and the end, so no wonder that the power generator building is worth of its attention. Therefore, you have to see what it hides necessarily!

The hall of units is a big, longitudinal building which you can see on the right at the picture of the station. It hides a lot of nooks and crannies but its heart is a huge room where power generators work. In the older part there are two with the power of approx. 60kW, which work alternately (we called them “Sztywny Misza” and “Mokry Masza”, because there are some oil leaks from the second one). Their target place is a new units’ room, which was established as a part of the building modernization where there is another new unit with the power of approx. 100kW, which we called “Mocarz”. Nobody likes it now because while we were making the test it was so noisy that some people on duty thought that they were going to die (you can read here about such a duty). “Mocarz” had its friend with a similar power but it came back to Poland for technical inspection. And for this final to be positive, we called the machine “Fenix” .

In the old room of units there are some ropes for drying the underwear (in the end, nothing dries so quickly as in a warm working unit) and some hangers for Helly Hansen wetsuits for zodiac sailing (they can also dry up here if they are used actively in the summer).

The hall of units is the place of work of mechanic and power engineer and the whole technical group in the summer. There is a mechanical and carpentry workshop, a room with a milling machine and lathe, storage of paints, mechanical parts and electrical equipment. In some of them you can find a veritable monuments of ancient art, such as technical e.g in Piotrek’s workshop in which he rarely works, because most of the necessary equipment is in his room.

Stacja z Point Thomasa

Nowe pomieszczenie agregatów

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Hydrofornia ze sztuką w tle

Magazyn Wszystkiego

Rozdzielnia główna


Warsztat i tokarka

Piotrowa kanciapa

Warsztat mechaniczny

Hall is equipped with a fire protection system, and also has two internal telephone numbers in case of connection with the main station building. In addition, in the guard booth there is a radio station with non-stop enabled channel 16, and the person on duty has a preview image on the computer with 3 cameras located inside and outside the building and the program displays the current parameters of the operating power generator.

At the entrance there is a water tank room, from where water is supplied by pipes from a nearby reservoir, and a list of facilities is closed by what you already know such as gym with bathrooms and storage agents.

The power generator building is still being modernized, so when the next expedition reach this place a lot will be going on here.

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