W sterówce

Fishing boat “Elephant seal”

“Elephant seal” is an old fishing boat, which is located at “Point One”. It isn’t currently used because of its technical condition, but it has had many years of glory.

The fishing boat is situated in slope next to the fuel tanks at “Point One”. It was used during the marine research and in the bay and also they were one of the most important means of transport – it was accompanied by zodiacs floating on the Lions Rump. Now it’s covering with rust proudly and getting older on our coast.

Na tle zbiorników z paliwem

Lampa słoniowa

W sterówce

Od dziobu

W całej okazałości

Na pokładzie

“Elephant seal” is a great place for every kind of social gatherings with bay view. And if it’s windy or rainy or snowy, the bigger attraction we have because the whole construction is shaking and you feel like you are at sea. Then, it probably reminds itself of when it was working properly… (you can see it on another’s winterer blog).

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