Masyw Tarnicy


We have started this week with a bang – we were with Asia on Tarnica couple hours ago. But not Bieszczady one , it was Antarctic one – right under our noses, because nestled to Ecology Glacier.

In comparison to her Polish namesake, our Tarnica is quite little, because it measures just 110 m above sea level. That is the next example of Polish name on the map of area, it is connected with presence of Polish people in this part of the world and researches of our local scientists.

But to get there, we had to go through Ecology Glacier. The weather is good toady, the Sun is shining beautifully and a lack of wind caused that a few minus degrees weren’t discernible. After walking down from glacier, we left crampons, ropes and ice axes under the stone and we moved ahead. We walked Rescuers Hills and although we were tempted to walk to Flint by the way, but we promised ourselves, that we will pull Leszek through on that trip, he is our power engineer (his surname is the same like a name of the top).

In the pit we had a beautiful view on the part of the coast, there is an American station Copacabana, and our goal was a mysterious box of unknown purpose on the one of hills. Exactly that was a leftover of the box, because doors were ripped out and in the middle was one metal chair without a seat. But the view of the Bransfield Strait was priceless. On closer plan was a Sphinx.

The way back was much more faster, because we were using the saved route on GPS. We peeked in cracks (the deeper, the stronger feeling of a snooker ball in the esophagus, which is rolling down to the pelvis), and by the one, we showered some snow and ice – it was falling down so long until it done unpleasantly, so we didn’t try it more.

Widok na stację amerykańską Copacabana z Rescuers Hills



Na Lodowcu Ekologii

Jest sprzęt, można iść

Rescuers Hills

Nieudolny selfiak


Masyw Tarnicy

Widok z Tarnicy


You can locate our route on the map:

Mapa okolic Stacji

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