Student’s letters from Gdansk

A pleasant surprise waited for us a few days ago. Before noon, Chilean station Eduardo Frei called us out on the channel 16th and half an hour later a helicopter landed in front of  the Station, which brought us the mail.

Visitors didn’t have time for coffee, so we just exchanged shipments and greetings. It has been the first visit since the beginning of our wintering, it’s such a pity that so short. But moods brightened quickly and when we opened a big envelope sent by Primary School No. 50 named of Emilia Plater from Gdansk. There were letters inside from the students of 2a class, who were impressed by reading “Zaczarowana zagroda” (Enchanted Farm) written by Alina and Czeslaw Centkiewicz, shared their thoughts with us and they had a lot of questions about our stay in the Antarctic. We also found a very warm letter among them from their teacher and greeting Easter cards. Well… a long way to us, but we were very happy, that the shipments arrived at all.

I can’t deny myself the pleasure of sharing some questions with you, which the students asked in the letters:

(From Jakub): Does Smarty arrive with other penguins to their nests? Does Smarty start a family like other penguins? How does Smarty greet with you? Does a leopard seal or other predator obstruct their ways when they are coming back to their nests?

(From Joasia): Why can’t penguins fly? How many fish do penguins eat for whole week? How many years do penguins live?

(From Maja): Are penguins friendly for people?

(From Piotrek, who trains the table tennis): Do you do sports? Is it possible to build an ice table for table tennis and play the match?

(From Weronika): Can you write me back what will you do on the next trip?

We will write back for all letters. And we stay here a little, so I hope to make some more school meetings online in September and October.

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