Sphinx and Krzemien

Having used the window weather at the weekend, we went on two surrounding us peaks with Asia. Just behind the Ecology Glacier – Sphinx and Krzemien.

Because, Piotrek’s saying: “we haven’t been seen there yet”. Krzemien has been tempting us for a longer time, because of its name (our power engineer, Leszek is his name, and besides it, the top with Tarnica create a homely pair), and Sphinx with a characteristic shape, which reminds of the mythical animal.

A quick look at the map, where the both peaks are:

Mapa okolic Stacji

Asia leaded through the Ecology Glacier as usual, and I minced behind her dutifully with a rope, which we were both tied up. I enjoyed an occasion that Asia’s sunglasses fell off and drove down dozen meters on the ice, we walked under the icefall, which was created thanks to irregularity of terrain under a cover of ice. Because of it, a part of ice settled over small rock, and the rest distilled on its both sides.

Asia pod Lodowcem Ekologii

W pogoni za okularami

Półwysep Demay

Kormorany antarktyczne

Uroki Lodowca Ekologii

Na Krzemieniu

Iglica Czajkowskiego


Chwilo trwaj!


Lepiej niż w Tatrach

Asia większa od góry

Na grzbiecie Sphinxa

On the peak of Sphinx, which turned out quite flat and covered with frozen carpet of moss, we did a longer break there. We climbed also on “mane”, but we didn’t want to insist on “head”, because there was quite steep. However, we were surprised because of almost whole lack of wind, what with quite sunny weather lets us unpunished basking on the rock for a good few minutes (it surprised us, because wind almost always blows here and rarely we can’t let us for longer breaks walking, in order to not immediately start getting cold).

On the way back, when we decided to go around Sphinx and hook the Baranowski Glacier, in the waters of the Admiralty Bay, we saw familiar view. Black and white, busy herd was floating on waves, and their heads were visible from distance, once plunged in the water, and once emerged on the surface. Penguins have come back on the island! When we had started calling so joyfully, whole company risen into the air and sat down on surrounding rocks for a moment. These were Antarctic cormorants, and it reminded me of a funny film made by BBC. We’ll have to wait just a couple of weeks for coming back of our kind – hearted flightless birds…

On the way back on the glacier, we were caught by freezing snow, which plastered the clothes and equipment with glassy layer, so after coming back to the station, a really tough drying was waiting for us. It was good, that nobody made bigger washing and there was a lot of place in a drying room.

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