Pingwiny płyną z nami

Part of the luggage gone to Gdynia

Today we’ve completed very important stage of preparations to our expedition – we’ve completed packing for the whole year. It all has been put in three 120 litres barrels.

We labeled them in so many different ways – of course, the specification is demanded but except this we also outlined them and there was even black foil so we put on the stickers with the information about the owner and the place of destination. This is necessary because 3 years ago, when we were packing happily for our expedition to Spitsbergen it turned out that our labels on barrels were not right and unfortunately, during unloading they were just missed. No one even thought to check them if they were supposed to be unloaded in Hornsund. So, they were just flowing for about 2 weeks and we were in a real despair. Finally, they were found but even though we’ve learnt the lesson.

Pingwiny płyną z nami

Dwie już spakowane!

W oczekiwaniu na kuriera...

After „sharing some opinions” with courier who wasn’t really happy about taking the barrels, all went good and the luggage has been loaded on the truck together with my skis. We are going to see it in Gdynia.

Well, now we have to complete the luggage for cruise (just think about of how many climate zones we are going to pass, that is really complicated)and loading it onto the train which is going to Gdynia on 21st September. Ufff, not much time left.

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