I nowy drogowskaz


Well, to be honest we have 120 litres barrels after sauerkraut, two 90 litres backpacks and two smaller ones, 35 litres. Yes, we are ready to go and The Polar Pioneer is about to come soon.

For the last few days we were cleaning and preparing the Station for the arrival of new expedition and, of course, we were managing to pack ourselves. What finally succeeded. But contrary to our expectations, there is no free space left in the luggage and I even had to stand on one of the barrels in order to slam the ring on the lid.

Today, the barrels are going to be delivered to one of the halls, where they will be waiting for the transportation by the Polar Pioneer in March next year. We will be given them in may and I think, until then we would not remember what’s inside. And we will feel like the children who were given the parcel from aunt from The States (these types of trips are excellent, if a man wants to liberate from the prevailing consumerism, after returning you realize that just few things are absolutely necessary for life). We take the most important things on the ship together with us, and after the arrival we have to find out what the trends are in order not to make cock -up over clothes.

The flat keys look a little weird, which I’d found in not used for over one year laptop bag. Even documents and money look strange. Another moment and, again, they will take on the original value. I cannot only remember PIN card.

Let’s say, the last thing was a new distance sign – the previous one was destroyed by a storm. On the new one Kraków and Hornsund couldn’t have been missed. The dragon seems to be a little dark but the bear is all right.

Dobytek Andryszczaków

Drzwi od pokoju Dagi - efekt roku na odludziu

Kierunek -> Kraków

Malowanie smoka

Nowe tablice na drogowskazie

I nowy drogowskaz

Pakowanie i kompresowanie

Stacyjna pieczątka w paszporcie

Pamiątkowy akt wandalizmu

Pamiątkowy akt wandalizmu

Bałagan przedwyjazdowy

Weddell i ciężki sprzęt do rozładunku w tle

On the 24th September we sailed out from Poland. It’s been over a year but the time passes differently here. While our families and friends were racing with time and they had the same feeling we were coming back, the time was passing so slowly for us. Minutes, hours and then days and weeks. Being in a civilization which is always not on time is a really great experience.

On the 5th November we’ll have flight from Port Stanley from Falkland Islands to Santiago. Next we’re going to Paris, Amsterdam and finally, Kraków. On Monday, 7th November after 4 p.m, so that family and friends could be after work.

But this is not the end and not the summarize time. The expedition still lasts and we are about to make the last and, probably, the biggest effort – unloading the ship and helping our successors to find themselves in a new place quickly.

The next post will be written from Poland if all goes according to the plan. Keep your fingers crossed!

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