Midwinter Greeting z Halley 6


When the wreaths are thrown on the rivers in Poland and the people look for a fern flower on Midsummer day or celebrate Midsummer Night in the southern hemisphere we celebrate the Midwinter holiday. In all Antarctic stations the people handle them uproariously and merrily and send wishes to the neighbors.

In Antarctica the Midwinter holiday starts astronomical winter. In our condition it’s a kind of symbolic because we’ve observed light frosts and snow for some time. But what is important the day is longer and in short time when getting up in the morning while good weather conditions we ‘re going to see the Sun.

On this occasion I have agreed to ice swimming with Asia and Sylwek (Peter refused firmly and agreed only to take some photos). We really liked it and I do not exclude similar activity in the future. Before, following the experienced walruses model which get into the Bay to have short bath, I have equipped myself with gloves, cap and shoes. It was… so refreshing.

We prepared some sweets for the evening. Me and Peter fried some homemade donuts, but this time we have made it like it should be – with a wild rose jam which we had bought in Poland and it was waiting patiently for the occasion. We also unpacked mysterious carton box which summer visitors had prepared for us before. There were some goodies for every of us and the wishes because of the celebrated holiday. The evening was graced by photos and videos which have been made since the November, games like Twister which turned out to be a dexterity challenge.

Among the cards there was one from the British Halley VI Station, where Peter got a job offer but he chose me and The Arctowski Station. Currently, Michał is wintering there, he is Polish living in Ireland with whom we’ve been corresponding for some time.

Rozgrzewka przed morsowaniem

Debiut morsowy


Co jest w środku?

Domowe pączki


Uh, uh czyli gramy w Twistera

Nie ma lekko...

Z prezentami

Midwinter Greeting z Halley 6

Although now every day is closer to a return, we just don’t think about it, despite the homesickness and loved ones. We look forward to each day of your stay here and the joy we want to share with you through our blog.

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