Słońce i księżyc

Magic nights and the inhabitants of the sea

We wondered what it’s like on the other side of the equator? Other stars, moon upside – down and whirlpool in the sink…all these ideas made us to spend every single evening at the board just to see the perfect view in front of us.

We often lay down on the deck to observe the things at night – it was like the sky was dancing right and left while the ship was shaking. Our friends showed us the stars and the constellations (they were more familiar with that).



Latająca ryba (ptaszor)

Latające ryby

Zmęczeni wędrowcy

Szukał schronienia...


There were some ghosts’ stories, singing songs or playing the guitar. Some of us, taking the advantage of weather, slept on upper deck in order to see the sunrise.


Zachód słońca

Słońce i księżyc

We were admiring the sea during a day – for some people it was a kind of boring and monotonous view but for the others- beautiful waves’ scenery depending on the weather conditions. Sitting down with camera and binocular for hours and hours gave its results like you could see the inhabitants of the sea – the whales, dolphins and some flying fish. We were watching birds resting on the ship. While moving towards the South we could see different kinds of birds. Watching the Antarctic terns and Antarctic petrels made us realize that we were closer and closer to the point because we were going to see them in The Admiralty Bay, where Arctowski Polish Station was.

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