Let’s start packing!

This week we‘ve had to face with sending the parcels to Gdynia for the next year from where they are going to be loaded on the Polar Pioneer ship.

The arrangements for that moment have been started before – there have been some lists with the things needed for wintering, online and offline shopping, as well. You can see 2 or 3 parcels coming out almost every day because we try to remember about everything. Finally, it’s all going to be put in the plastic barrel.

But before we packed our stuff, we just sat down and wondered what was missing last time and what would be useful this time.

I think those clues didn’t go badly because there wasn’t any situation when the toothpaste was done or the trousers for skiing were too thin. But we’ve found out some extra elements:

Camera equipment – this is just the beginning. 1 camera and 3 lenses are not really enough to take shoots in that beautiful place. You have to have more for any occasion that might come. That is why there appeared also Olympus E-PL5 with an amazing lens, two SJ4000 cameras and the equipment for photography from the air (e.g. hexacopter and two kites).

Food – we were a little bit scared so we took something but also our relatives sent us parcels. So, knowing that there is enough food at the station, I think we can miss that point here.

Jelly – that was missing. On the ship, of course. Because we had enough of jelly in the station (those who had seasickness know very well what I am thinking of). That could be useful, by the way. The cruise lasts about 40 days so you never know what it’s going to happen.

The cosmetics – it went quite well; I mean we came back with two extra bars of soap and two large packages of tissues. It’s hard to say what the use is going to look like so it’s better to take more than less.

The down gloves – o yes, that was really missing! Especially while riding the scooter and foot excursions on the glacier. The lack has been completed. Waiting for packing time.

High-heels – That point is just all about me. That sounds maybe a little bit ridiculous but let’s imagine New Year’s Eve or just New Year when you want to be elegant and look nice. I took dress and a skirt before but what if the only shoes I could wear were the trainers or the slippers? That looked not really good. Now should be better, definitely.

The Christmas presents – if not now, so when to get them later?

This week we are going to go to Katowice in order to buy some winter clothes and I think, probably, that’s all we need.

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