Lessons from The Arctowski Station

As some of you remember, in Hornsund, I worked as a teacher in a nationwide project called “Eduscience”. So I liked it, that even after the return I had the pleasure to work there and so it turned into the three years of unforgettable experience.

Eduscience ultimately ended in May 2015. But I still have our conversation with Agata in my mind – the organizer of this project that if we ever we go to the Arctowski station, it’s great to conduct such lessons from this place, especially, when no one has done it so far. There is much to tell, and I think that for the students this type of activities would certainly be a very interesting proposition.

And these shy plans came true. At the beginning, it was not easy, because our internet connection is weaker than in Hornsund and the use of e-learning Eduscience platform was virtually impossible, but in the end, thanks to the Scientix project we started using their tools for video conferencing and… yes, it worked!

At the first lesson: “Henryk Arctowski polish Antarctic station – a piece of Poland in Antarctica”, which was organized in January for the second stage of education, primary school, was attended by more than 160 schools. The joy was huge, because no one expected such a result. And in addition, there were no technical problems. I only regret that time did not allow us to answer all the questions, because a lot of them were really very creative (eg., “How old must you be to become a polar explorer”?).

Of course, one lesson is not over – we have already planned the program for such meetings online. If you are among the teachers or have such friends, you can give them this information, and I think this type of lesson should be a diversion for students. Full details are here.

It also happens that we receive so many inquiries from schools. Let me quote one of these messages, because we are so delighted about that:

“We have read and watched all the great site and besides the incredible information about the animals and climate one picture astonished us (who reads this post, you probably know what it is). In concerns the photo in the update where there is a man in shorts and… flip flops. Wasn’t he ill after that? Interesting thing… Of course, we have a million of questions, which you cannot find the answer after searching the entire Internet. For example, whether the penguins are fed by us? Why there are just few girls in the station? What do you do in your spare time? Can you play ball there? Do the ladies wear dresses? It’s all terribly interesting (…)

And I just love such lessons because of that. I wonder how life might perverse be – in my family there are lots of teachers and my parents used to laugh and say that if I don’t know what to do in life so I can always try to become a teacher. I used to get angry about that. Although I am dealing with quite different things those “educational” activities got me. But I totally don’t regret it.

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