Lessons from the Arctowski Station, part II

You can participate in our lessons from the Station to the end of March. In the nearest time, we are planning another 3 transmissions.

In one of the previous posts, you can read about from where we took an idea of conducting educational activities. For now, we have planned a timetable of transmissions to the end of March, because of organizational reasons; if we manage to continue these activities at another time, you will know it for sure.

Currently, you can sign up for transmissions for the I, II, III education stage. Although I think, that the last lesson will be interesting also for student of classes I-III of primary school (I will look after it). Information about enrollments, you find here.

For me the greatest joy of these lessons are students’ declamations about our transmissions in the material, which was emitted on TV (you can watch it here). When I was at age of these kids, I didn’t dream about a participate in such classes. Well, I hadn’t known, that such a polar station even exists, and boundaries of my child`s world never extended so far. I am glad much less, that our classes can be an inspiration to do some, cool things in life for them.

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