“How does the air in the Antarctica smell?”

Well, it was one of the questions which was given to me during the live interview aired on the program of the third Polish radio station in the audition for children “The mysterious Sunday”.

Moreover, our conversation took place at 8 according to Polish local time, so for us it was at 3 at night. It was a challenge but everything went fine and both for me and for the listeners it was interesting experience.

You can listen to the audition at Polish radio station page (it’s about 8:11, before the host of the program mentions a little about the interview).

But as usual, the most interesting is what’s behind the scene. Many things happened because we never know what connection is going to be like. In the evening it turned out that one connection doesn’t work (a few words about satellite connection) and when it came back, it was almost used in 100% by the person which was on its duty time. In result, I heard my correspondents but they didn’t hear me. After Peter’s intervention we finally got in touch but they just couldn’t switch me on the air. So, they started to call the main telephone in the station (we had agreed to call right before the conversation because we have phone in here which directs all the night telephones to the power generators station because every night someone is there, while in the main building everyone is sleeping). Leszek was just overwhelmed with phone calls. Meantime I tried to call Warszawa and I did – after several minutes.

But thanks to that, little listeners had the impression like it’s not that easy to get through to the end of the world 🙂

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