Ania i LR OK

Girls from Lions Rump in the Arctowski Station

15th of March, after almost 5 months, a double monitoring of mammals and bird on the Lions Rump (ASPA 151) came to the end. On this occasion we were taking actions to on this short time take our friends to the Station before the Polar Pioneer will arrive.

After a visit to the  Lions Rump, which wrote here. The trail was already worn. This time, Asia, Adam, Damian and Sylwek woke up at the early morning and sailed by two zodiacs for girls. Bransfield Strait was found up to be kindly at this time, too. Whole action went quickly and even flashed forward the message which was had sent on a satellite communicator inReach “Sail at you”. There were also attempts of improvising of transport by the girls to us: “Hang in, chin up, we are building a canoe-zodiac with an extra barrelcatamaran as a trailer, the sail is from an impregnated canvas of an elephant dung 🙂”.

slipowanie Zodiaka

na Arctowskim

Mycie Helly Hansenów ze słonej wody

Mycie Helly Hansenów ze słonej wody

We had an occasion to meet both Annie during preparations and trainings, and also during a cruise of the Polar Pioneer. The joy of possibility to have them in the Station was huge. We received a baked bread in a handmade oven and an evaporated salt from sea water from our guests.

Lajonsowy chleb na zakwasie

Ania i LR OK

What a pity, that LR OK won’t be coming every day, and I won’t be sending weather forecasts. “We haven’t time to ask and you to answer – a real master of communication tunes even a telepathy 🙂 If you intuit, when Lautaro will come, let us know. Will you arrive with them?”

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