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This post is dedicated to our families and friends. Our relatives weren’t really surprised so much when we told them we were going for next wintering but, of course, we understand the others when they found out that their daughters, husbands, sons etc. decided to go to such a wilderness. Because, in the end, who normal would like to go there?

This post is supposed to calm you guys down that it isn’t that bad. The wife of our friend came to Gdynia to see us and I think she didn’t look frightened. So, there are no reasons to worry about.

That’s how our team of 40th Antarctic Expedition presents ( up to 8 people ! there were just 6 men previous time):

Piękni i względnie młodzi

From the left ( the picture was taken in front of the main entrance to the station): the scooter is pushed by Leszek, our energeticist that takes care of station, that’s power generators and thanks to them our station operates normally. And Adam – the manager of our expedition, a fanatic climber privately and also skier.

The person that is sitting on the scooter, on the left you know perfectly, next is Asia, who is taking care of sea monitoring (we share a love for seals) and Marta, she is responsible for penguins and mammals monitoring, she is our fitness instructor. There is Sylwek behind us, a crazy paramedic (a positive meaning) and we bother him with splinters in our fingers or just stretched muscles (and it’d be great if we stopped here).

The scooter is pulled by Damian, a professional firefighter, but here at the station he is a mechanic and PTS driver and there is also Piotrek.

Previously, there were people from the South of Poland, so in this case we have a greater geographical diversity: Kraków, Chrzanów, Mikołów, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Szczecin.

And, let it be, one more picture:

40. wyprawa antarktyczna

We present ourselves nicely, don’t we? 😉

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