Polar Pioneer

Gdynia again!

We’ve reached Gdynia and we are sitting at the hotel. We try to prepare for loading the Polar Pioneer ship mentally.

At about 11 p.m the Polar Pioneer drifted to the harbor, we also had a chance to talk with the Russian crew.

Polar Pioneer wpływa do portu

Polar Pioneer

Polar Pioneer

Tomorrow morning at about 9 we’re starting to load the ship. We have 24 hours to make it because on 23rd of September we should leave the harbor and just go on the South.

We won’t have any internet connection on the ship (the cruise lasts about 40 days ) so we are going to fill in some information from the cruise after the arrival at the station.

Just wish us a calm wave and… until the next time!

P.S. You can follow the Polar Pioneer route here.

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