Pascha w towarzystwie makowca

Easter in the Arctowski Station

Although the Easter are behind us and we are mentally preparing for the loading of Polar Pioneer ship, which will come to us for days, you are curious for sure, how we passed last days.

Of course, we couldn’t miss  an Easter cleaninging, which a part of the crew involved in.  The highlight was moping floor in mess, the right brusher, the left brusher and the vacuum cleaning operator organized it. However, many delicious smells of stewed cabbage, Easter yeasty cakes, mazurkas pies were leaving the kitchen.

Prawy i lewy szczotkowy

Operator odkurzacza

Zapiski z naszego polarnego dzienniczka

On Saturday we decorated eggs. And in this way, we created Easter eggs from images of the cosmos, cottage trapper with dogs, Weddell seals (!), crabs, fishes, pigs, doodles and others, which is hard to remember, because we already ate eggs. Earlier, they beautifully presented on a holiday table and enjoyed the eye:


Easter table looked tasty and impressive; traditional, Easter delicacies didn’t run out. A sour rye soup and Peter sourdough bread and beetroots and smoked meat by our cook Ania regained.

Faszerowanie jajek

Śniadanie wielkanocne

Przed jedzeniem

There also “couldn’t forget” a home accent, so Passover was too, which I always make on Easter. It disappeared event faster than at home, so a photo belongs to the archive (by contrast to poppy seed cake, which is  hiding shyly in the warehouse):

Pascha w towarzystwie makowca

Sadly, nobody visited us on the second day of Easter (what is a tradition of this place, but because of upcoming loading, it was hard for us to plan a time. But the tradition of pouring water on people at Easter was celebrated with dignity), after for Easter (when in Cracow, people celebrated “Rękawka”, ehhh…) the Chilean helicopter flew and brought… mail! After it, when we have already complained about them, it was a really pleasant surprise. Especially, that we got 2 cards from our friends. Never mind, that the both of cards contained a Christmas greetings – a reading them was a great joy for us and a very nice touch before wintering.

Kartki świąteczne!

Enjoy of fact, that pilots went for coffee to the Station, we didn’t make a point of taking photos with helicopter, which was left alone with open doors, so it even invite to this type of action:

Coś trzeba wziąć na pamiątkę...

Coś trzeba wziąć na pamiątkę...

P.S. If you want to know, how we were spending Easter in the High North, we encourage to read this post.

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