Dreams come true

Some of you, for sure, had the feeling like you wanted something so much but there wasn’t enough of faith and persistence. And then the dream was only covered by dust and just stuck somewhere in your mind. It was like nice but also unreal memory. We‘ve found out that it’s worth believing in every single idea because you never know whether it’s going to happen or not.

While we were working in Spitsbergen we met so many inspiring and special people. Wiesiu was one of them. He is man older than my father with an amazing attitude toward life. He is an expert in heavy equipment used for the transport of cargo in the station (it looks like this). He was telling us about another Polish polar station (Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station) so interestingly that we were determined to go there. No matter how.

After coming back to Poland we had polar fever (some kind of weird syndrome in human beings that were staying in polar conditions and they…miss it and just want to come back again).

And then it all started.

The result was as follows: several applications sent to British Antarctic Survey completed with proposal of wintering and also working as an electronic for Piotrek in Halley VI (unfortunately rejected because the contract for 1,5 year all alone is really not an optimistic option) unsuccessful spamming of ISR in Greenland (if not Antarctica so maybe Arctic…?), unhappy assault on the base unit in the harbor and… 3 applications (one per year) to the Arctowski Antarctic Station. The third one completed successfully because we both got the work proposal .

By now, we have had some medical examination in the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine. We are still going to go through two trainings which are planned for August and September.

There actually appears the second chance for our blog and for some interesting relation. Day by day, we will be informing you about preparing for the expedition.

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