Asine dzieło

Daga’s Birthday

The time goes by and my 29th Birthday got me in this unusual place. Because who would even suppose that after anniversary spent on the North there comes time to spend it on The South.

Celebrating started on Saturday – we came back a little tired and soaked in the afternoon but luckily, we had some time to get ready – as you remember, Saturday is a party day (and we try to use it regularly).

I didn’t expect anything, and it turned out that all the team prepared a Birthday party for me. Asia even baked a very delicious cake with penguins, seal (the animals have been made by Sylwek with his own methods) and the jelly on the top imitating sea with white icebergs (I’m very curious about when Asia did it because I was going around the kitchen from time to time by the way).

I was given wonderful presents – the postcard with seal (seal theme was obligatory), some station gadgets and sweets (including gorgeous chocolate penguin handmade by Marta and Adam). It’s nice to get older in such circumstances.

There was also delicious food, good music and, of course, amazing mood!

Focza kartka z życzeniami

W miarę mądrze

I w miarę niemądrze

Pingwinek od Marty i Adama

Jeszcze przed imprezą

Asine dzieło

Aż żal kroić takie cudo


I życzenia

Not to remain debt, I‘ve invited everyone for a little something on Tuesday 8th December. I told a few words about myself, I showed some films from dance performance continuing the same tradition which was begun by Marta on the Polar Pioneer. She prepared a similar presentation on herself according to her birthday.

I got a lot of wishes so thank you so much for that! All of them just caught my heart, especially one:

“I hope that after coming back from expedition, you will discover the Earth’s third Arctic circle where you are going to live like a pink snail, slowly and carefully, having time for everything.”

And here’s the snail:

Prezent urodzinowy od Sylwka

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