Pyszczek krabojada

Crabeater seals in the Admiralty bay

As you already know, The Admiralty Bay is covered with ice, as we are happy about the winter weather. Meanwhile, our pinniped neighbours don’t have easy life.

The ice is an obstacle which makes breathing more difficult for them. It causes that the Weddell seals or crabeater seals have to have from several to over a dozen breathing holes. And because of they often help one another with those teeth, it results in many various disorders.

The flows make the ice moving all the time, once it rises up, and then it falls down together with waves. It is therefore a danger to sea mammals, which can get there carelessly, some of the researchers have seen such accidents, where there were some injured crabeater seals and sea lion literally crushed by the ice floes and it was impossible to help her.

We’re hoping that the holes which we made in the ice just in order to take some photos, help them a little. There are some piuctures below how it looked like above the ice ground:

Piotrek na lodzie, kamerka pod lodem

Filmowanie trwa

Stąd od czasu do czasu się wynurzają foki

Jeden z otworów oddechowych

Sylwek ze świdrem do robienia otworów

Pyszczek krabojada

And movie, which meet under ice:

Link do filmiku >>>

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