Przed Samolotem

Constitution Day

Constitution of May 3 is a sacred thing and even at the end of world as we are now, we haven’t forgotten about it. We had maybe a little bit more limited possibilities of going away and the weather conditions, but it was pleasant.

Both output in the area and polish tradition of barbecuing failed, because the weather frustrated plans (even photos from the kite didn’t make it, despite the kite was flying bravely, because there was windy). In this part of world, everything is dropping on the weather and everything depends on it, because it is very capricious, dynamic and always can surprise. But on the other hand the weather teaches humility towards nature extremely, because when it is not possible to do something in terrain, that means, we are not really able to do this (in Poland, it would be said, it is pouring down, it will clear up in the moment and then we work). But after, there is no complaining about weather and it is accepted with whole benefaction of inventory (a staying on Spitsbergen taught us this, after coming back we couldn’t understand, why people moan at the weather and that moaning were quite tiring).

We celebrated with dignity Labor Day, what means, that we were doing nothing. Sunday is a free day off work, intended for own affairs, reading books, phone family or crocheting. So all of us were reading books, phoning and crocheting.

We stood up to the task in The Flag Day, because on the mast in front of station, the new flag hung (the presence of the Polish flag on the mast is very important, we are here at home, because  Polish right obtains on the area of station and it is worth to highlight it; especially, when we are considering the fact how much other stations demonstrate their nationality).

In general, we have problem with Polish flags here, because due to the strong winds, they degrade, and they hang on the mast for all the time. Fortunately, we have some to replacement. It doesn’t touch so much flags of another nationalities, because their flags are hanged only during visits of foreigners in the station

But on 3rd of May we had mobilized with girls male part of the crew to do themselves up and organized the formal dinner on the occasion of the Constitution Day. There were also delicious cake, which Asia baked, and in the evening we watched a movie together.

Our “secular tradition” has become a saving menu for the day on the blackboard in the kitchen. Creativity is not leaving us, and people who are on duty in the kitchen are full of ideas (on the one of photo, you can see the effect of that joyful activity).

Flaga na masz

Biało-czerwona na maszt!

Przed Samolotem

Świąteczny stół

W narodowych barwach


Smaczności ciąg dalszy

Przy stole

Świąteczne menu

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