Już w Balicach

Coming back home

The relation about our stay in Antarctica is going to the end – the days from 5th to 7th november we spend in the planes, we flew over 10 thousand kilometers  in order to reach Kraków, finally.

We had flight from Falkand Islands on 5th november and after few hours we get to the Punta Arenas in Chile. We had to get off the board there, go through the gates and passport control once again and specially trained dog sniffed our luggage not to carry food illegally. We didn’t actually so we got on the same plane and after three hours flight we landed in the capital, which is Santiago.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile

Już w Balicach

Tyyyle listów dostać!

It was terribly hot on the plane and the flight seemed to be so long – a kind of nice touch  was a joy of steward when he saw my Polish flag which was sewn on my jumper. He told us some nice things about our country. There was also flightmate, who, unfortunately, didn’t speak English but the fear of taking off and landing joined us together when she was pressing her Mickey Mouse teddy bear harder and harder.

In Santiago there was about 25 degrees. We thought we were about to  boil  but, fortunately, I had flip-flops in my bag which I had been given from my friends at the Brazilian Station. So I had to replace my heavy hiking boots. We were greeted by the huge Coca-Cola with Santa Claus Billboard.

We got to the hotel almost half-dead and the next day, on 6th november  14 hours flight to Paris awaited us. Previously, some unscrupulous people managed to rob Damian in the hall (but luckily, the documents and money survived). In the morning we missed our taxi to the airport. We took it on our chests calmly as some kind of first touch with civilization.

During the flight over the Atlantic the only attraction was food and movies just to kill time.  We were watching it almost the whole night.  On 7th November,  we literally began to chase the airports – the first at Rossy – Charles de Gaulle for the flight to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to  Kraków.

At about 4 p.m we landed in Balice and again, everything seemed to be strange. Like in a dream, we greeted with loved ones and the smog wasn’t that  perceotible. On the way back home we reminded ourselves of street names.

Our next Polar adventure came to an end. Thank you all for following and all the nice indicators of showing your interest and memory!

The blog will fall Winter asleep – but from time to time we will be here  to publish information about workshops or slide shows where you can meet us (and probably one more important thing is about to happen but we do not mention it now) and who knows? Maybe some more trips? Meanwhile, let it be the inspiration  and memory of lived moments that the dreams are to fulfill. Not even in 10 years’ time but NOW. The might never be the chance again.

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