Another lessons from the station

For lovers of lessons from Arctowski, we have good news – on 1st June the last online transmissions for students start in this school year. I hope, that every of you will find something for self.

We have planned 4 extra dates. The last of them –  22nd of June, we will devote to videoconference with students, during that, we will try to answer on all of your questions. During the last lessons, there were so many of them, and not so much time, so I hope, that we will make up for it a little bit.

This time you don’t have to enroll in classes, just enter on transmission by the link in description of the lesson.

The list of the offered transmissions, you find on the website

Expect that, on the website of Eduscience project, where I had pleasure to participate in for 3 years, there is an article about funny meetings with animals in the areas of our station. You can read it here.

If you find people, who can be interested in our lessons, I will be thankful for passing this information to them 😉

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