Obwarzanki krakowskie

A year away from home

On September 24th has passed exactly a year since our departure from Gdynia on the “Polar Pioneer” ship. Our next polar adventure began – this time in the southern hemisphere.

A lot of things happened, both in our lives and in our relatives’ lives. We were posting information regularly what I think, in mind shortend the distance that is between us, it’s actually about 14 000 km.

We mentally prepare for another change that is going to be a return to Poland, although, we try to use the time that has left here.

Saturday passed really nice – in a quiet, but friendly atmosphere. We were sitting at home delicacies (Me and Piotrek made Krakow’s bagels once again) and the toasts of our alcoholic leftovers (the end of the trip is coming and those reserves are already at the finish) mentioned the events of the previous months. There was a lot of laughter and a little reflection.

Ciasto Asi

Obwarzanki krakowskie

Sylw i Daga


So, just keep your fingers crossed for us that we could stay in such moods until the end of wintering – according to our schedule in the kitchen, only 28 days left to the arrival of “Polar Pioneer”.

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