4th Birthday of our blog

So, four years passed by. We added first post at the 4th of April of 2012, after when we got the information, that we had been chosen on the participants of 35th Polar PAN Expedition to Polish Station Hornsund on Spistbergen.

During our one- year stay in the Arctic, we regularly were writing and posting reports on the blog, which was supposed to be a form of communication with our families and friends. Over time, more people had been starting to read  it and it became recognizable in a polar world.

When we returned to the country, our life was no longer the same; on the one hand we were glad, that finally we meet friends or we can go to the our favorite pub in Cracow, but the other hand, we were feeling, that there was something, what we started to miss. When we wrote the last summarizing post about our journey, we were feeling, that there is missing dot on “i” and we want more, and we started to yearningly looking for “more”.

The blog was in sleep for 2 years; single posts occasionally appeared on it, we called often by, looking for the most beautiful memories; I worked in Eduscience project and conducted workshops about Arctic for students, and it let me to mentally return to Spitsbergen, Piotrek came back to work in a large company, but more and more, this corporate reality started to hurt him. All the time we were receiving (and we are still receiving!) many mails with asking about a participation in expedition, experiences, an application process. Because, it turned out, that we can be an inspiration for someone, we can give an impulse to change something in life – exactly like at once, we got such an impulse from somebody.

A change was in the air.

We were waiting and sent the applications. Patiently and for 2 years, as if we know, that something else has to happen, that this change, whose we are incumbents, it will cannot end there, where it started. We felt, that finally it will manage; we knew from perspective of time,  that sequence of events wouldn’t let us go, even if we qualified for the expedition.

At this time, we were living without bigger plans; a job was, but all this time we were ready, that it will change. We even  bought tickets to musical, friends invited us to see it, tickets had to be booked 6 months earlier, we  half – heartedly bought them – because how can we be sure if we will be in Cracow at this  time? A half – heartedly repaid, because Piotrek’s parents went on this musical in effect, and then we were already sailing by the Polar Pioneer to the King George Island.

This way, our blog got a new life and celebrates its alternate birthday in next, incredible place. We wish him the best present and future, of course with our participation and we promise most Antarctic reports!

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